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The "Woo-Woo" Coach

     As a child, I felt the essence and the lovability of every person I met, which was great, but I was also absolutely terrified of life.  The fear eventually buried that lovely little gift, and the feeling that tragedy was always just around the corner fueled an intense, lifelong spiritual search, the need for a buffer against life's certain storms.  Equally, I rather desperately sought a way to love everyone again and ended up hating myself in the process.  Still, life proceeded "normally."


     Between college and law school, I did a Vision Quest that changed my internal orientation. I experienced The Force, which was the fabric of the universe.  Love.  And I learned that I had spirit guides on a ship overhead who could beam words with incredible clarity into my heart.  It was quite the surprise.  But still, life went on.  Three days later, I started law school, and I eventually got a job, got married, raised two kids, and got divorced.  Meanwhile, I also studied with a shaman, developed my intuitive abilities, became certified in a variety of healing modalities, discovered that I have my own way of using frequencies to heal, earned certification as a life coach, discovered the "Light" half of the love-light/light-love equation as the light of awareness (which also surprised me, coming and going from the back of my head), AND I struggled emotionally.  A LOT.  In short, I've been a human on this planet, and it's been rough.

     Today, my burning desire is merely to serve.  To use all that I've learned and become to help my fellow humans because . . . I see:  each and every one of us is the divine incarnate.  The only thing standing between us and the peace and joy of our true self is resistance.  That's it.

     I'm here to help you release the resistance, to face your deepest hurts--your biggest obstacles--which are often the ones you don't even know are there.  If you're willing to be open and trust and explore yourself with me, I can help you clear distortions and rise into who you're meant to be.

     Thank you for visiting,


Into the Mystic Intuitive Life Coach
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