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Transformational Services

Intuitive Guidance and Healing Facilitation

Into the Mystic Intuitive Life Coach

If You Want the Truth . . . 

I see the things that people don't want to face.  These are exactly the things that need to be faced in order to make lasting changes in one's life, but they're the ones that have been denied or suppressed for so long, we don't know how to handle them.  

Sometimes there's only one belief standing between a person and what they truly want. Sometimes there's an entire thought system.  My goal is to help individuals move through their blocks--to heal--because on the other side is where true power resides, but it's a rare bird who says, "Yes, I'm ready.  Let's go there."  Most people would prefer to change their outer life and ignore their pain, but this is not the way to lasting peace and happiness.


If you're seeking help or guidance in making lasting changes or you're one of those birds, ready to move into your most uncomfortable places in order to heal them and reclaim your power, I can help you by telling you what I see, giving you guidance and tools for change, and using guided imagery and sound (angelic/galactic toning), along with decades of experience as a "star shaman."  Most importantly, I can help you learn to move through these blocks on your own.

You're already healed.  You've just forgotten.  I can help you remember.

I provide:

  • tools and insights to help you: 

    • gain clarity,

    • release yourself from unwanted patterns,

    • make lasting positive changes,

    • move forward toward the life you truly want, and

    • heal emotionally and physically

  • energetic frequencies to help you shift into a higher paradigm​

  • chakra clearing, shamanic healing, and card reading, as appropriate

"There's nothing human about your toning."  -Jenny Schlitz

If you'd like an intuitive guide to help you through your current challenges and you're wondering if I'm the right fit for you (learn more here), please book a free, 15-minute chat here.  My name is Blaizie, and most of my sessions are done over the phone.  

Into the Mystic Intuitive Life Coach

The mind creates the body.  To heal the body, first heal the mind.


Because no one can do the inner work for you, in order to see real progress and to maintain the effects of the sessions, I recommend purchasing multiple sessions in order to hold yourself accountable, reap the benefits of committed practice, and allow us the time to work together more deeply.

The following pricing is for one hour of my time, but it can be broken up into half-hour increments:

  • $120/hour for a single session (or two 30-minute sessions)

  • $400 for 4 hours

  • $550 for 6 hours

I also offer 15-minute, remote healing intensives where I work on your energetic body for $40.

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