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Hi, I'm Blaizie

Apologies!  I'm renovating this website, so please check back later for more information.  Scheduling info is provided below.  

I'm an intuitive guide and healing facilitator, and I'm all about creating a safe and loving space to move you through energetic blockages in order to embody more of your Self.  I use visualization and both audible and inaudible and frequencies to help you allow the healing that is always available to you.

I'm also starting over on YouTube and Instagram, but you can follow me at Blaizie K for forthcoming content.

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Sessions are $150/hour, paid in advance.  First sessions are over the phone or Zoom.  You must be in a private location where you can deeply relax without interruption.  (Unless you're a horse, in which case meetings take place in the unified field and any location of your form is fine.)  Please email me at or text (225) 278-5356 and provide a general description of your availability or a specific date and time you're hoping I can accommodate. In-person sessions are available after the first session for those in the Austin area.

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